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Use this portfolio to explore who I am as a pre-service teacher, my teaching philosophies, and my TQS  competencies. You'll find many artifacts framing my experiences in the world of education and how they have shaped the future teacher I will become.

On this home page you will find directory to important information, as well as featured experiences and artifacts that provide a framework of who I am as a Pre-Service Educator.


University of Lethbridge 

Bellydance Club 2018-2019 

-President (2019/2020)

In my third year I joined a dance club at the UofL called "Itty Bitty Bellydance"
In my fourth year, I became President of this club.
As a club we danced for exercise, learned choreographies, and performed at shows. I lead classes and taught my own choreographies to the other members throughout my time with them.

A good teacher aims to inspire. With student support, understanding, and effort to create the a healthy learning environment for every student; this inspiration comes naturally.

S.E.U.S. Executive Committee 2017-2018

During my second year at MHC I was on the Science and Engineering Undergraduate Society Executive Team. My role was in fundraising, but I hosted get-togethers and designed the year's new SEUS hoodies and sweatpants. I spoke at the year-end banquet in a tribute to some of our professors. I also represented SEUS when making morning announcements to the first year science classes, getting new students involved in SEUS activities. 

SEUS Raised over $600 for Prostate Cancer research through No Shave November

Many activities were organized throughout the year, including Elimination, which I volunteered many hours to selling tickets for.


(Left) Myself and other members of the Education Undergraduate Society, including our president, volunteering at the Southeastern Alberta Teacher's Convention at Medicine Hat College in February, 2017. Volunteer responsibilities included tech help, directions, and various duties throughout the convention. SEATCA 2017 was a huge success and an amazing experience being involved with fellow educators and the E.U.S. committee.

Induction into Phi Theta Kappa Honours Society 2017

Fun With Static Electricity

The Van Der Graaf Generator - Science 9

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